Come and take a look at yourself in the glimmering shards all over the floor~
These are...
Broken pieces of a place once called Wonderland.

Hello September ❤️ Glad you came!

5 more days remain.



what is going through his head at times like this


#'louis fucked me good and slow last night' (x)

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Asker Anonymous: Can you explain what's going on with Harry? I missed all of it and I'm so confused and omg PLEASEEEE explain too meee






Harry’s been on a roll:

  • tthrowing shade in perfume interviews so hard he was literally taken out in the next one (turned out he wasn’t “feeling well”) (x)
  • tweeting lyrics to a song called Secrets that basically says he’s passive aggressive and “so gay” and he doesn’t care if people know about his secrets (x / x)
  • tweeting “shady warehouse” which is a very, um, not straight video (x)
  • wearing a blue bandana when a fan thing said to wear bandanas in different colors depending what boy was their fav. Obviously blue was Louis’ color. (x)
  • some more tweeting “It all comes out in the wash” (x)
  • -not giving any fucks about what people think about him, quote “LONG HAIR DONT CARE” (x)
  • giving thumbs up to people with rainbow/larry signs (x) (there’s more than this)
  • wearing a Minnie Mouse bow during a show (x / x)
  • taking the mic d (x)
  • standing up for himself (x) but being nice about it (x)
  • generally being unchill

basically harry’s cruising and it’s great. im sure there’s more, add stuff people

  • wearing yellow nail posh (x)
  • singing “just he already owned it”, while grabbing his dick (x)
  • saying that if he were a girl, he’d do Niall  and then “Happy Pride” (x)
  • singing “It’s raining men” (x)
  • wearing Michael Sam’s jersey (x)
  • Following a larry shipper on twitter (x)
  • Following Michael Sam on twitter (x)
  • singing “I Will Survive” (x)

"The problem is that
You love the taste of
Alcohol stinging down
Your throat,
And the feeling of inhaling
The first hit of smoke that night,
More than you loved
Anything else."

-I’m sorry baby (via tummmmmmy)


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"I imagine kissing you would feel like vodka but better"

-Simran Roy (via exhultancy)




America’s Next Top Witch

On one hand, he’s clearly my favorite. On the other hand, carrying around a basic witchcraft book and using it to introduce yourself is hilariously bad.


Romeo is my ideal man on this season
tall, tattooed, hot, intelligent, fuckin hot, nice hair and fucking sexy.

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